About Canta

Canta is a foundation helping sick children. We operate an innovative impact investment model. Here's how it works: Donors like you contribute to our philanthropic fund, and then our investment and donor advisors make grants to organizations and companies that maximize impacts for Our Causes. While we analyze grants and find the best cause to maximize your donation to help sick children, your donation dollars grow in the fund.

Mission: Our is to fund research and innovation in palliative and integrative care; to protect children’s health; and to defend parents’ and caregivers’ freedom of choice with medical decision making.


Canta protects health freedom for the young and old, healthy and sick, strong and weak. Our mission is to ensure health freedoms are never diminished or denied. 

Ending Childhood
Genetic Diseases

Canta was founded to advance research and treatments to end Alexander’s Disease and other rare childhood genetic diseases. We sing for the cure; one gene at a time!

Palliative and
Integrative Medicine

Our grant-making and investments are focused on pursuing innovations in palliative and integrative medicine to improve children’s quality of life.

The Atlas Story

Little Atlas has truly held the world on his shoulders.  Since he was five weeks old, he has endured seizures, brain hemorrhages, emergency brain surgery, hydrocephalus and more challenges in his first year than than anyone should in a lifetime. Then, a month before COVID-19 hit the United States, Atlas was diagnosed with an ultra rare and terminal genetic brain condition called Alexander’s Disease (AxD), the result of a spontaneous mutation in his DNA.  Through it all, Atlas has become a symbol for medical freedom in America and the pursuit of “quality of life.” Atlas continues to inspire all who know his joy for life, endurance and strength. And, mos of all, he reminds all of us, that love and freedom are always worth fighting for.

To your highest expression of life,


Canta operates a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) to allow you to make charitable contribution (cash, stock, Tesla batteries) and receive an immediate tax benefit in support of Canta's mission, causes and impact investments.

Your Story

The Canta Legion is a choir of parents, caregivers and professionals singing out in the name of medical truth, justice and safety. Join those who are not afraid; those who will not be intimidated; those who will not be silenced or censored.

Vax Report

Canta is developing a report on vaccines, the first of its kind, as a resource to help parents dialogue with medical professional and make the safest and most informed medical decisions for loved ones.
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